Our aim is to become one of the major manufacturers of modified melamine resins and melamine insulation materials in Europe.
We are confident we can join the ranks of the top three international manufacturers of at least two products, and thereby become a truly global player in select market niches. The first phase consists of binders for rubbers and lacquer components based on hexamethylol-melamine (HMM), which will extend to melamine insulation materials in the second phase. In both global market niches we will achieve a market share of at least 20%; and in the process we will become one of the top 50 exporters in Slovenia.
We will introduce the production of formalin – one of our key resources. Thanks to our modern biomass-fuelled boiler and biomass power generation, we will achieve energy independency from the market for and price fluctuations of petroleum and gas.


General strategy
We will achieve our vision through increased investments into new technologies at the best prices. Investments will comprise at least 6–8% of annual turnover. Where a strategic partner is prepared to preserve our trademark, they could also be incorporated into our strategy.
We will strengthen our sales efforts by maintaining close connections with our new agents or exclusive representatives in the EU, the former Soviet republics, the Near and Far East, and the USA. Where an increase in sales can justifiably be expected in more remote markets through better service and a permanent presence, we will establish our own representation there.
We plan to develop our own trademark for high-added-value products that represent our future core business, such as high-etherized HMM resins and melamine insulation materials.
We will make long-term contracts with our suppliers of key-resources.
Development investments will be kept at about 3% of sales.


The company’s core business will consist of a program of synthetic amino resins. Programs such as melamine foams and fleeces, melamine coatings for particle boards, impregnated canvas for the footwear industry, and encapsulated materials can all be incorporated in subsidiaries that can also operate as mixed-activity companies with external partners.

Sales and markets

An average annual growth of 5–7% of consolidated sales is planned. Our activities will focus on increasing sales of high-added-value products. We will also pay more attention to the particularly rapidly growing markets outside the EU.
For our key products we will aim at achieving a market share of 20% in each global niche.

Development of products and technologies

Basic developmental focus in the Chemical Industry program unit will be on finding new applications for melamine and its related chemistries. As an exception (only in the case of highly perspective products with a higher than average added value) we will launch products based on entirely new chemistries. Priority will be given to those areas of application that show a positive growth trend globally and are related to reducing energy consumption, improving fire safety and reducing the consumption of natural resources.
At the same time, development will be directed towards reducing environmental impact and improving efficiency. Therefore, we will also intensify research on formaldehyde-free amino resins.
In the Wood Industry program unit, which includes coatings for particle boards, the focus will be on lower costs, increased energy efficiency and better logistics.
In the Footwear Industry program, new base cotton materials will be introduced and, in connection with an external partner, a new extruded films technology as well. We will invest all our efforts into breaking through into more profitable branches, such as the automotive industry.
By optimizing our biomass-fuelled boiler and launching biomass-based power generation, we will continue to reduce our carbon footprint. In this context, we will also help cover the energy needs of our town. In the longer run, we will begin production of at least one key resource. The first step will see us launch production of formalin according to conventional procedures and, the second phase, the production of methanol and formalin from biomass, possibly together with interested partners from the industry, or in a private-public partnership.
We will intensify our research activities related to melamine micro-encapsulation of various active substances.
In all of our development activities, we will actively consider the sustainable aspect, the principle of a circular economy, and introduce state-of-the-art technology and knowledge to reduce any environmental impacts. Our carbon footprint will be additionally reduced by the introduction of resources based on renewable resources. We will improve energy efficiency through a system of targeted monitoring of energy consumption and investment into smart energy systems.


We will employ new personnel in the field of chemistry and electrical and mechanical engineering with at least a secondary degree, and steadily increase the share of highly-skilled employees. We will strengthen our scholarship policy, both at the high school and university level. We will actively participate in the educative orientation of pupils as early as in primary and secondary school. By financing special interest activities and research activities and providing positive information, we will increase interest in the chemicals field and help raise the number of potential employees necessary for the growth of our company.
We will support post-graduate studies in the area of melamine chemistry and re-staff our development department with new PhDs in science. We will encourage the further education and training of our employees.

Health and safety

We will work continuously to perfect our safety-at-work system and improve working conditions. Our employees will be encouraged to lead a healthy way of life, and will offer extra activities both at the workplace and outside it.


Our success in the global market is subject to achieving the following indicative values by 2027:

Gross added value per employee 80.000 EUR
Sales per employee 300.000 EUR
Return on capital at least 15 %
Share of investment from turnover at least 6-8 %
Share of investment in development at least 3 %
Share of most important strategic product in global niche at least 20 %

Company’s mission

The company’s basic mission is to develop and market new products and state-of-the-art technologies that are tailor-made for our customers and increase the durability, sustainability and efficiency of products throughout the chain to the final user, and to provide a safer, more comfortable and congenial environment while at the same time reducing the consumption of specific energy and natural resources.


Fundamental values on which all of the company’s activities are based:
integrity, respect for each individual, teamwork, a healthy environment, and openness to the public.