Agrogel superabsorbent polymers

Agrogel superabsorbent polymers


An environmentally friendly superabsorbent polymers capable of retaining more than 100 times its own weight of water, and are very convenient for use in agriculture. They have a long lasting quality in soil and a high capacity for absorbing and gradually releasing water. This facilitates better plant growth and ensures their survival under dry conditions. Agrogel is sold in three different forms:


Granulated polymer with granulation between 1-3 mm, intended for admixing in the soil.


Fine-grained polymer, which forms a thick paste and clings to roots preventing them from drying up. It is particularly convenient for the transportation and storage of seedlings and saplings (root-stock nurseries, cutting nurseries, florists, etc.)


Granular polymer available in a variety of colours (red, green, blue, yellow, violet) and very suitable for colour decoration of premises.